2015. május 23., szombat

How I fixed my fridge with 3Doodler ???

Maybe you've already heard about 3Doodler. 
What is it? 
It's a 3D printing pen.  

How does it work?
The pen is a plastic extruder: heated plastic is pushed through the hole in the tip of the pen which cools and solidifies into strong ABS plastic designs. All you need is a power socket, and you can start creating awesome 3D arts in minutes.
Here you can watch the original promotion video:

So I've recently bought a 3Doodler pen (why? because I love to try  every new tech gadget).
But I soon realized, I am not an artist, or at least not a good one.
Therefore I started to find a way to make something useful with my brand new 3D printing pen.
And here comes the pro :)

So, one of the bottle rack (door shelf) of our fridge was broken. I wanted to fix it.

 So I used the 3D pen to fill the gap where the rack was broken.

I thought everything was OK, and I put it back to the fridge's door. Unfortunately it couldn't hold the rack, because the printed plastic parts detached from the rack's surface when I put it back to it's place.

I realized that I must use a glue to immobilize the printed plastic parts. I chose an ordinary Super Glue and right now is working as it should be.

Therefore I was able to fix my fridge's door with 3Doodler and a little creativity :)

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